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Metamorphic Technique - A Tool For Transformation

Are you feeling stuck and unfulfilled?

Do you want to move forwards and change limiting patterns of behaviour?

Are you facing major life changes such as illness, divorce, career change, pregnancy or bereavement?

If the answer is "yes", then Metamorphic Technique may be for you.



The Metamorphic Technique is a unique approach to self healing and personal development. We all have great potential but due to our limiting beliefs, we can get stuck in patterns that stop us from reaching our true potential.

In life, these patterns can present themselves as illness, feelings of being stuck and unfulfilled, emotional issues and repetitive behaviour.

Metamorphic Technique acts as a catalyst to your life force enabling you to transform your own patterns so that you can move from who you are to who you can be and reach your potential.

A gentle touch is given to the feet, hands and head to help loosen the prenatal patterns taken on in the womb. It is during this time of our gestation  that initial patterns, on all levels, are formed and influence our patterns of behaviour thoughout our life.

The MT Practitioner  works in a detached way and acts merely as a catalyst, as it is your own life force that does the work of transformation in a way that is totally

unique to you.


Summary and key points of Metamorphic Technique:

-A gentle and soothing touch to the feet, hands and head.

-May help to trigger your life force, enabling you to better realise your potential

-May loosen the root of patterns taken on in the womb, which in life show up as illness, negative beliefs, feeling stuck and unfulfilled

-Empowering:all changes come from inside you

-No need to discuss issues or problems

-Catalyses:transforms energy on all levels.

-Safe and gentle for all.

-Very relaxing to receive.


 "It was this little-known technique that dramatically changed my life for the better and set me on the road to improved wellbeing"

 Susan Clark, The Sunday Times

"Metamorphic Technique has slowly and quietly gained the respect from not only those whose lives have been transformed by it, but from doctors and specialists impressed with the results for conditions ranging from dyslexia to eating disorders"

Lorna V " The Sunday Times"










Siri Jot  working with Metamorphic Technique 

     on the feet  




Home visit Prices:

      50 min session £60-£70 depending on location.



Office visit Prices_ please phone for a quote.  




"Just when the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world, it turned into a butterfly"