Kundalini Yoga and Natural Therapies




Reflexology is a natural therapy, encouraging the body/mind/spirit to find it's own natural balance.

Working on the principle that the feet contain a map of the whole body in miniature, reflexology works by applying massage to specific points on the feet (or hands)  - known as "reflex points" to help improve chi or energy flow in the body, and to maintain  and support a healthy lifestyle.


Reflexology is especially helpful to:

Helps relaxation -Improves mood -Helps relieve tension

Improves a sense of well being


Spinal Reflexology: A powerful and deep form of reflexology stimulating and focussing on on the "spinal nerve" reflexes on the feet to identify and  target specific spinal nerve roots and  their associated organ reflexes  that are out of balance .


Home visit( women only)Prices:

60 min session: £75 depending on area

90 mins ( can include Spinal reflexology) £85-105 depending on location


Office Visit Price - please phone for a quote.

Price is dependent on office location and number of clients booked in for the same day.



For Bookings and Price List at Reflexions, Bayswater  London

Please call Reception on : 0207 792 9294


Siri Jot (L. Fitz Maurice) holds a diploma in Reflexology from The British School of Complementary Therapy (distinction- 1999) and a Practitioner Certificate in Reflexology from  The Association of Reflexologists(1999)Post graduate cpd certificate in Spinal Reflexology -The London School of Reflexology (2015)

She is a full member of The Association of Reflexologists .(MAR)

I work with a light to medium touch that works to deeply relax the nervous system.  


If you are on medication/ under medical supervision, please bring a letter from your GP to your first reflexology session, stating that it is ok for you to receive reflexology. thank you .The therapist reserves the right not to treat should any contra indications be present at time of session.


"See to the feet my friend,

and you have seen to the whole body" 

Outo-Japanese Philosopher